Films américains sortis en 1925

Liste (non exhaustive) de films américains sortis en 1925.

Affiche de Ben-Hur.
The Gold Rush avec Charlie Chaplin.

A-Z (par ordre alphabétique des titres en anglais)

Titre Réalisateur Distribution Genre Notes
Are Parents People? Malcolm St. Clair Betty Bronson, Florence Vidor, Adolphe Menjou Comédie
Ben-Hur Fred Niblo Ramón Novarro, Francis X. Bushman, May McAvoy, Betty Bronson Film historique
The Big Parade King Vidor John Gilbert, Renée Adorée Film de guerre
Braveheart Alan Hale Rod La Rocque Western
The Calgary Stampede Herbert Blaché Hoot Gibson et Virginia Brown Faire Western
The Circle Frank Borzage Eleanor Boardman, Malcolm McGregor Film d'amour, drame
Charley's Aunt Scott Sidney Sydney Chaplin, Ethel Shannon, Alec B. Francis Comédie
Children of the Whirlwind Whitman Bennett Lionel Barrymore et Marguerite De La Motte Drame
The Circus Cyclone Albert S. Rogell Art Acord et Cesare Gravina Western
Clash of the Wolves Noel M. Smith Charles Farrell, June Marlowe, Heinie Conklin Western
Cobra Joseph Henabery Rudolph Valentino, Nita Naldi Drame
Code of the West William K. Howard Owen Moore et Constance Bennett Western
Confessions of a Queen Victor Sjöström Alice Terry, Lewis Stone, John Bowers Drame
Coming Through A. Edward Sutherland Thomas Meighan, Wallace Beery et Lila Lee Film dramatique basé sur une histoire de Jack Bethea
Curses! Fatty Arbuckle Al St. John Comédie
The Dark Angel George Fitzmaurice Ronald Colman, Vilma Bánky Drame
Daughters Who Pay George Terwilliger Marguerite De La Motte
Discord in 'A' Flat Scott Darling Arthur Lake, Marceline Day Comédie
Don Q, Son of Zorro Donald Crisp Douglas Fairbanks Film de cape et d'épée
The Eagle Clarence Brown Rudolph Valentino
East Lynne (1925 film) Emmett J. Flynn Alma Rubens, Edmund Lowe Drame
The Everlasting Whisper John G. Blystone Tom Mix, Alice Calhoun Western
Exchange the Wives Hobart Henley Eleanor Boardman, Renée Adorée, Lew Cody Drame
Fifty-Fifty Henri Diamant-Berger Hope Hampton, Lionel Barrymore, Louise Glaum Drame
The Fighting Dude Fatty Arbuckle Lupino Lane, Virginia Vance Comédie
Fighting the Flames Bill Reeves William Haines, Dorothy Devore Drame
Fine Clothes John M. Stahl Lewis Stone, Percy Marmont, Alma Rubens Comédie
Flaming Love Victor Schertzinger Eugene O'Brien, Mae Busch, Ben Alexander Western
Flying Hoofs Clifford Smith Jack Hoxie Western
Forty Winks Paul Iribe, Frank Urson Raymond Griffith, Theodore Roberts Comédie
The Freshman Fred C. Newmeyer, Sam Taylor Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston Comédie
Go West Buster Keaton Buster Keaton Comédie, western
The Gold Rush Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin Comédie, Aventure
The Goose Woman Clarence Brown Louise Dresser, Jack Pickford Drame
Grass Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack, Marguerite Harrison Film documentaire
The Great Love Marshall Neilan Robert Agnew, Viola Dana, ZaSu Pitts Comédie
Havoc Rowland V. Lee Madge Bellamy et George O'Brien Drame
Head Winds Herbert Blaché House Peters et Patsy Ruth Miller Drame
Heart Trouble (1928 film) Scott Darling Arthur Lake, Marceline Day Comédie
Her Market Value Paul Powell Agnes Ayres, Hedda Hopper, Anders Randolf Drame
Her Sister from Paris Sidney Franklin Ronald Colman, Constance Talmadge, George K. Arthur Comédie
His People Edward Sloman Blanche Mehaffey et George J. Lewis Drame
His Supreme Moment George Fitzmaurice Blanche Sweet, Ronald Colman Drame
Hogan's Alley Roy Del Ruth Monte Blue et Patsy Miller Comédie
The Hunted Woman Jack Conway Seena Owen et Victor McLaglen Drame
The Hurricane Kid Edward Sedgwick Hoot Gibson, Marian Nixon Western
Irish Luck Victor Heerman Thomas Meighan, Lois Wilson Mélodrame
The Iron Mule Fatty Arbuckle Al St. John Comédie Buster Keaton fait une apparition non créditée
Isn't Life Terrible? Leo McCarey Charlie Chase, Katherine Grant et Oliver Hardy Comédie
Joanna Edwin Carewe Dorothy Mackaill, George Fawcett, Dolores del Río
The King on Main Street Monta Bell Bessie Love, Adolphe Menjou Comédie romantique
A Kiss for Cinderella Herbert Brenon Betty Bronson, Tom Moore Fantasy
The Lady Frank Borzage Norma Talmadge, Wallace MacDonald Drame
Lady of the Night Monta Bell Norma Shearer, Malcolm McGregor Romance
Lady Windermere's Fan Ernst Lubitsch Ronald Colman, May McAvoy Comédie
Lena Rivers Whitman Bennett Earle Williams, Edna Murphy, Johnnie Walker Drame
The Limited Mail George Hill Monte Blue, Vera Reynolds, Willard Louis Drame
Little Annie Rooney William Beaudine Mary Pickford, William Haines Drame
Lord Jim Victor Fleming Percy Marmont et Shirley Mason
The Lost World Harry Hoyt Bessie Love, Wallace Beery et Lloyd Hughes Fantasy, film d'aventure
The Lucky Devil Frank Tuttle Richard Dix, Esther Ralston Comédie dramatique
The Lucky Horseshoe John G. Blystone Tom Mix, Billie Dove Western
The Mad Whirl William A. Seiter May McAvoy, Jack Mulhall Drame
Madame Behave Scott Sidney Julian Eltinge, Ann Pennington Comédie
The Marriage Whirl Alfred Santell Corinne Griffith, Harrison Ford, Kenneth Harlan Drame
Men and Women William C. deMille Richard Dix, Claire Adams Drame
The Merry Widow Erich von Stroheim Mae Murray et Tully Marshall
The Midnight Girl Wilfred Noy Lila Lee et Béla Lugosi
The Monster Roland West Lon Chaney et Gertrude Olmstead Comédie film d'horreur
The Movies Fatty Arbuckle Lloyd Hamilton Comédie
The Mystic Tod Browning Aileen Pringle, Conway Tearle Thriller
Never the Twain Shall Meet Maurice Tourneur Anita Stewart, Bert Lytell Drame
New Brooms William C. deMille Neil Hamilton, Bessie Love, Phyllis Haver Comédie
New Lives for Old Clarence G. Badger Betty Compson, Wallace MacDonald Drame
Never the Twain Shall Meet Maurice Tourneur Anita Stewart et Bert Lytell Drame
His New Suit Zion Myers Arthur Lake, Marceline Day Comédie
The Night Club Paul Iribe, Frank Urson Raymond Griffith, Vera Reynolds Comédie
The Party (1925 film) Zion Myers Arthur Lake, Marceline Day Comédie
Phantom of the Opera Rupert Julian Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin, Norman Kerry Horreur
The Plastic Age Wesley Ruggles Clara Bow, Gilbert Roland Comédie dramatique
Pleasure Buyers Chester Withey Irene Rich, Clive Brook, Gayne Whitman Drame
Pretty Ladies Monta Bell ZaSu Pitts, Conrad Nagel, Tom Moore Comédie Dramatique
Proud Flesh King Vidor Eleanor Boardman, Pat O'Malley Comédie dramatique
The Rag Man Edward F. Cline Jackie Coogan, Max Davidson Drame
Renegade Holmes, M.D. Ben Wilson Ben Wilson, Marceline Day Western
Sally Alfred E. Green Colleen Moore et Lloyd Hughes Comédie Romantique
Sally, Irene and Mary Edmund Goulding Constance Bennett, Joan Crawford Romance
Sally of the Sawdust D. W. Griffith Carol Dempster, W. C. Fields Comédie
Scarlet Saint George Archainbaud Mary Astor, Lloyd Hughes, Frank Morgan Drame
Sealed Lips Tony Gaudio Cullen Landis, Dorothy Revier Drame
Seven Chances Buster Keaton Buster Keaton Comédie
Seven Sinners Lewis Milestone Marie Prevost, Clive Brook
Short Pants Scott Darling Arthur Lake, Marceline Day Comédie
The Sign of the Cactus Clifford Smith Jack Hoxie et Helen Holmes Western
Smouldering Fires Clarence Brown Laura La Plante, Malcolm McGregor Drame
The Splendid Road Frank Lloyd Lionel Barrymore, Marceline Day Western
Stella Dallas Henry King Ronald Colman, Belle Bennett Drame
The Street of Forgotten Men Herbert Brenon Percy Marmont, Mary Brian Drame
The Swan Dimitri Buchowetzki Adolphe Menjou
The Thoroughbed Oscar Apfel Macklyn Arbuckle, Theodore von Eltz
Three Weeks in Paris Roy Del Ruth Matt Moore
Too Many Kisses Paul Sloane Richard Dix
The Taming of the West Arthur Rosson Hoot Gibson, Marceline Day Western
Tracked in the Snow Country Herman C. Raymaker June Marlowe, David Butler
Tumbleweeds William S. Hart, King Baggot William S. Hart, Barbara Bedford Western
The Unholy Three Tod Browning Lon Chaney, Mae Busch, Victor McLaglen et Matt Moore Film policier
Waking Up the Town James Cruze Jack Pickford et Norma Shearer Comédie
The Wall St. Whizz Jack Nelson Marceline Day et Carl Miller Drame
We Moderns John Francis Dillon Colleen Moore et Jack Mulhall Comédie
When the Door Opened Reginald Barker Jacqueline Logan, Walter McGrail Drame
The White Outlaw Clifford Smith Jack Hoxie, Marceline Day Western
Wizard of Oz Larry Semon Dorothy Dwan et Bryant Washburn Fantasy
Wolf Blood George Chesebro, Bruce Mitchell Milburn Morante, Marguerite Clayton Horreur
Womanhandled Gregory La Cava Richard Dix, Esther Ralston Comédie
A Woman of the World Malcolm St. Clair Pola Negri, Holmes Herbert, Chuck McNerney

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