Films américains sortis en 1901

Titre Réalisateur Acteurs Genre Notes
Acrobats in Cairo
An Affair of Honor
Another Job for the Undertaker Edwin S. Porter
Arrival of Tongkin Train
The Artist's Dilemma Edwin S. Porter
Band and Battalion of the U.S. Indian School
Barnum and Bailey's Circus
Beef Extract Room
Boxing in Barrels
Branding Hams
Buffalo Street Parade
A Busy Corner at Armour's court métrage documentaire
The Bund, Shanghai
Circular Panorama of the Base of the Electric Tower, Ending Looking Down the Mall
Circular Panorama of the Electric Tower and Pond
Circular Panorama of the Esplanade with the Electric Tower in the Background
Coaling a Steamer, Nagasaki Bay, Japan
Convention of Railroad Passengers Agents
The Cook's Revenge
Cornell-Columbia-University of Pennsylvania Boat Race at Ithaca, N.Y., Showing Lehigh Valley Observation Train
Couchee Dance on the Midway
The Donkey Party Edwin S. Porter
The Finish of Bridget McKeen
Follow the Leader
The Fraudulent Beggar
Fun at a Children's Party
A Good Joke
The Gordon Sisters Boxing
Grand Entry, Indian Congress
Happy Hooligan April-Fooled
Happy Hooligan Surprised
Harbor of Shanghai
A Hold-Up
Ice-Boat Racing at Redbank, N.J.
Indians No. 1
Jeffries and Ruhlin Sparring Contest at San Francisco, Cal., November 15, 1901
A Joke on Grandma
Kansas Saloon Smashers
Launching of the New Battleship 'Ohio' at San Francisco, Cal. When President McKinley Was There
Laura Comstock's Bag-Punching Dog
The Life of a Fireman (it)
Love by the Light of the Moon (en)
The Martyred Presidents Edwin S. Porter
Midway Dance
Miles Canyon Tramway
Montreal Fire Department on Runners
Mounted Police Charge
The Old Maid Having Her Picture Taken
Opening of the Pan-American Exposition Showing Vice President Roosevelt Leading the Procession (it)
Pan-American Exposition by Night
Panorama of the Exposition, No. 1
Panorama of the Exposition, No. 2
Panoramic View of the Fleet After Yacht Race
Panoramic View of the Temple of Music and Esplanade
Panoramic View, Asheville, N.C.
Photographing the Audience
Pie, Tramp and the Bulldog
President McKinley and Escort Going to the Capitol Thomas Edison
President McKinley Taking the Oath Thomas Edison
President McKinley's Speech at the Pan-American Exposition
The Queen's Funeral
Le Rêve de Noël
Rocking Gold in the Klondike
Ruhlin in His Training Quarters
Shad Fishing at Gloucester, N.J.
Terrible Teddy, the Grizzly King Edwin S. Porter Comédie
The Tramp's Dream
Tramp's Nap Interrupted
Trapeze Disrobing Act
A Trip Around the Pan-American Exposition
Turkish Dance
Twelve in a Barrel
Two Rubes at the Theatre
Upper Falls of the Yellowstone
Washing Gold on 20 Above Hunker, Klondike
Wedding Procession in Cairo
Why Mr. Nation Wants a Divorce
Wonderful Trick Donkey, The
Yacht Race Fleet Following the Committee Boat 'Navigator' Oct. 4th, The
You Can't Lose Your Mother-in-Law

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