Films américains sortis en 1903

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The Great Train Robbery

La liste des films américains de 1903 est non exhaustive.

Titre Réalisateur Rôles Genre Notes
After Dark; or, the Policeman and His Lantern
An Up-to-Date Studio
A Visit to the Zoo
At Work in a Peat Bog
Attack on a China Mission
Automobile Explosion
The Ascent of Mount Blanc
Bicycle Dive
Bloodhounds Tracking a Convict
Buying a Baby
Cliff Scenery at the Fabbins
Close Quarters, with a Notion of the Motion of the Ocean
Cruelty on the High Seas
A Coach Drive from Glengariffe to Kenmore
Discovered Through an Opera Glass
A Drove of Wild Welsh Mountain Ponies
The Delhi Camp Railway
DeVoy's Revolving Ladder Act
The Deserter
The Effects of a Trolley Car Collision
Firemen to the Rescue
The Goose Takes a Trolley Ride
Egyptian Fakir with Dancing Monkey
The Elixir of Life
Electrocuting an Elephant Thomas Edison Documentaire
English Barnyard Scene
Every Day Is Sunshine When the Heart Beats True
Fife Getting Instructions from Committee
Fun on Board a Fishing Smack
The Great Train Robbery Edwin S. Porter Western Considéré être le premier Western.
Hop Picking
How to Shut Up a Quarrelsome Wife
Light Heavyweight Championship Contest Between Root and Gardner
The Little Match Seller
Little Tich and His Funny Feet
Murder Scene from 'King of the Detectives'
Moses in the Bullrushes
Murphy's Wake
New York Harbor Police Boat Patrol Capturing Pirates
Nicholas Nickleby Alf Collins William Carrington
Old Irish Cabin
On the Bow River Horse Ranch at Cochrane, North West Territory
Only a Soldier Boy
Our New Cook
Over the Garden Wall
Panorama of the Lakes of Killarney from Hotel
Passengers Embarking from S.S. Augusta Victoria, at Beyrouth
The Pigeons, Place St. Marc, Venice
Pittsburgh Fire Department in Full Run
Polo Match for the Championship at Hurlingham
The Puzzled Bather and His Animated Clothes
Quarrelsome Neighbours
Railway Ride in the Alps
Reproduction of the Corbett-McGovern Fight
Rock of Ages
The Runaway Match, or Marriage by Motor
Saturday Shopping
Scene in Canada -- Logging at Bear Creek
Scene in Canada -- Spearing Salmon in a Mountain Stream
A Search for Evidence
Sensational Hurdle Race
A Shocking Accident
Spring Cleaning
S.S. St. Louis
Street Car Chivalry
A Substantial Ghost
The Tragical Tale of a Belated Letter
The Tramp's First Bath
A Trip Through the Gap of Dunloe
A Trip to the Giant's Causeway
Trouble in Hogan's Alley
Trout Fishing, Landing Three Pounder
True Love Never Runs Smooth
Turning the Tables
Two Little Vagabonds; or, The Pugilistic Parson
The Unexpected Bath
Wait Till Jack Comes Home
What Happened in the Tunnel
Wiring Pike in a Mill Stream
The Workman's Paradise

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